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Tool themed cake.

28 Jan

Well guys, here it is my latest creation. This cake was for someone who is a joiner by trade and who is always making things. His wife got him the cake as a surprise for his birthday, so he had absolutely no idea about it at all.

Everything on this cake is 100% edible. The various tools and other bits and pieces on the cake are all made out of fondant/sugarpaste icing.


Calling all cupcakes lovers. Poll included.

13 Jan

Whilst i was writing my latest post Drinking my coffee in cupcake style I decided to create a poll to find out what everyone likes to have to drink whilst eating cupcakes. So if you could please spare a few seconds to take part in answering my poll, it will be very much appreciated.

Drinking my coffee in cupcake style.

13 Jan

Well i don’t know about everyone else but i just love to have a drink of coffee whilst enjoying a scrummy cupcake or two. Coffee and cupcakes just seem to go perfectly hand in hand and what better way to drink your coffee, than out of a cupcake themed cup. Drum roll please………. and here it is, my latest baking inspired cupcake cup.

I just need to add it to the rest of my collection of cupcake cups now.

This is my collection so far.

Hopefully i will have some more cups to add to it real soon, as i am always on the look out  for cupcake and baking based mugs and cups.

Please take a minute to answer my poll

Ugg Boots cake.

6 Jan

I love, love, love the way that this cake turned out! I had a few stress out moments along the way whilst making it but it was a really fun cake to do.

The cake was a vanilla sponge cake and filled with both strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. The boots were made to look like one of them was folded down and the icing was textured to look like the fleece lining on that one too. The makeup and jewellery were made out of icing, making everything edible.

Skateboard cake and cupcakes.

6 Jan

This was another fun cake to do and also the first time i have attempted a skateboard cake.

The design of the skateboard incorporated stars, flames and the birthday boy’s name in the middle of the cake was styled in graffiti writing.

Here is a side view of the skateboard cake.

12 skateboard themed cupcakes with the child’s age on were also made and were to be handed out to the party guests.

Playstation 3 cake.

4 Jan

This Playstation 3 cake was made for a boy’s 16th Birthday. The cake was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant icing. The game on top of the Playstation cake is also edible and was made out of icing. It was then finished off with an edible ink icing image of one of his favourite games. For the games controller, i moulded rice krispie treats into the shape of a control pad and then covered it in icing. This was then finished off with various icing buttons and left and right icing control sticks.

Shopping bag cake.

3 Jan

2 of my all-time favourite things perfectly merged together on this post. Shopping and cake!! I know, right, who would’ve ever thought that i loved cake and as for shopping, i need say no more. Anyway this cake was for a girl who was celebrating her 13th birthday. She loves shopping, listening to music and very much loves everything black.

This shopping bag cake was a chocolate sponge cake, filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in sugarpaste/fondant icing. The make-up, beads and white iPod etc were also made out of icing.


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