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A catch up and a Kinder Malteser cake.

29 Jul

Well it has been quite a while since I last blogged about my cakes. As some of you will already know I had some time away from cakes and baking, about 18 months or so ( maybe nearer 2 years). But guess what, I missed it like crazy and now I’m back…yay!
So I started making cakes again a few months ago and over the next couple of days I will be posting all about them until I’m all caught up.


This is a cake that I made for my friends son. He loves Kinder chocolate.
The cake was a chocolate cake filled with a chocolate buttercream, surrounded with Kinder chocolate bars and Kinder hippos and topped with Maltesers.


Tiffany Box style wedding cake.

24 Oct

I made this wedding cake in the style of Tiffany boxes, as requested by the bride to match her wedding colours. The 3 tier cakes were all chocolate cake with a rich chocolate buttercream filling and covered in sugarpaste icing. The bows and roses were also handmade out of icing. This is the rose and bow detail on the box lid.

The bride had the cake topper shipped over from America and it looked truly stunning, the photograph really does not do it justice. The gorgeous topper put the finishing touches to the cake perfectly.


Bug themed Giant cupcake.

6 Mar

Well this Giant cupcake is certainly not as pretty as the ones on my last blog post but it is definitely different and it was a cool cake to make. I made this giant cupcake for someone who has an interest in bugs and they loved it!

 This Giant cupcake was a chocolate cake that was filled with chocolate buttercream. The base of the cake was covered in a chocolate flavoured fondant icing to make the cupcake case/liner. All of the insects, worms and bugs were made out of fondant/sugarpaste icing and everything was edible on this cake.

What would go perfectly with a bug themed giant cupcake, i hear you ask. Well, what better than bug themed cupcakes.

The cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla buttercream. Half of the cupcakes were topped with piped green buttercream to resemble grass and the other half were made to look like they had soil on top of them. The cupcakes were then finished off with an icing bug/insect.

Giant cupcakes with buttercream roses.

6 Mar

I love the look of the giant cupcake cakes when they are finished off with piped buttercream roses. They look so pretty, somehow delicate and oh so girly. Well you can imagine my joy when this week saw me making not one but two of these lovely (not so) little beauties.

This giant cupcake was a chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream, topped with ivory coloured vanilla buttercream piped roses and finished off with solid milk chocolate flowers, that i made myself.

This giant cupcake was a chocolate cake filled with a chocolate and hazelnut filling, topped with pink vanilla buttercream piped roses and once again finished off with more of the milk chocolate flowers that i made.

Here is a closer look at the chocolate flowers.

Both of these giant cupcakes were presented in a solid milk chocolate base/cupcake liner that i made especially for the cakes to sit in. Although this should have been pretty straight forward, i had a slight problem with some small, hardly noticeable cracks that appeared in the chocolate liner. I suspect it may have been caused by the chocolate i used so next time i make these i will used a different chocolate and see if this helps.

Playstation 3 cake.

4 Jan

This Playstation 3 cake was made for a boy’s 16th Birthday. The cake was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in fondant icing. The game on top of the Playstation cake is also edible and was made out of icing. It was then finished off with an edible ink icing image of one of his favourite games. For the games controller, i moulded rice krispie treats into the shape of a control pad and then covered it in icing. This was then finished off with various icing buttons and left and right icing control sticks.

Shopping bag cake.

3 Jan

2 of my all-time favourite things perfectly merged together on this post. Shopping and cake!! I know, right, who would’ve ever thought that i loved cake and as for shopping, i need say no more. Anyway this cake was for a girl who was celebrating her 13th birthday. She loves shopping, listening to music and very much loves everything black.

This shopping bag cake was a chocolate sponge cake, filled with chocolate buttercream and covered in sugarpaste/fondant icing. The make-up, beads and white iPod etc were also made out of icing.


21st Birthday Fosters cake

9 Jul

This cake is one of my favourites and was another fun cake to make, testing but fun. Everything on this cake is edible and is either made out of cake or icing, apart from the ice on top of the cake. For the ice i used fox’s glacier mints. All the items on the cake are related to the things that the birthday boy likes.

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