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Bob Marley cake and cupcakes.

28 Feb

I enjoyed making this cake as it was a theme i haven’t done before. It called for a different technique covering the cake and cutting out the silhouette style face of Bob Marley using black sugarpaste/fondant icing. I had fun with the cupcakes, they have got to be one of my favourites.


My cupcakes on Halo Waypoint.

27 Feb

Remember the Halo themed cupcakes i did a while back….well……..I am very excited to tell you all that my cupcakes got a mention on the Halo Waypoint website.

Read the article here for yourself  Halo Waypoint News.


Circus/Theatre themed cupcakes.

20 Feb

I made these cupcakes to go with the Circus themed cake i made  for an 18th Birthday party.

Edible ticket icing toppers.

Happy and Sad icing faces.

All boxed up and ready to go to the party.

18th Birthday Cupcakes.

Cupcakes made to look like tubs of popcorn.

I made the cupcake wrappers myself, they were a lot of work but i am so happy i did as i love the finished look of them.

The cupcakes set up at the party.

Here is a closer look at the cupcakes on the cupcake stand at the party.

Roll up, roll up,the Circus is in town.

20 Feb

This is my latest cake and this one was definitely one of my favourites to make. It was for an 18th Birthday party that was having a circus theme.

The name of the Birthday girl and edible ticket border.

An icing clown figure with his juggling balls.

No circus is complete without a scary clown tent.

Happy and sad icing faces.

Who threw that popcorn??

Here is a picture of the cake set up at the party with the cupcakes i also made.

Valentine, Bee Mine.

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day xx

My friend asked me to make a cake, she wanted to surprise her husband for Valentines day. This cake was a fruit cake ( as her husband loves fruit cake) covered in marzipan and then in sugarpaste/fondant icing.

The decorations and the little bee figure are also made out of icing.

The Monster Book of Monsters.

12 Feb

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun i had creating this cake.

It is based on  ‘ The Monster book of Monsters’ book, as seen in the film Harry Potter. Everything else is also cake including the cauldron, the bag of Bertie Botts beans, the book of spells and the 3 potion bottles.

Here is a closer look at the cauldron with a tentacle creeping out of it.

2 of the 3 potion bottles, Swamp Fog and Treat Mix

Spell book and the 3rd potion bottle, fur of werewolf.

A closer look at The Monster book of Monsters, oh my what big teeth you have!

Leopard print, bags and shoes.

12 Feb

I made these cupcakes for a girls 14th Birthday, she loves leopard print patterns and designs, so i decided to incorporate that into the design of the cupcakes. I designed 2 different styles of cupcakes, both were vanilla with vanilla buttercream, one was topped with a leopard print icing topper and the other was topped with a leopard print pink heart icing topper.

Here are some other cupcakes that i made that were topped with icing shoes and handbags.

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