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Not a Christmas cake in sight.

30 Dec

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas. I had a lovely Christmas, a nice quiet family Christmas at home ( well as quiet as it can be with 1 teenager and 2 very excited children). Not sure who was more excited, the children or me!  Anyway this year i didn’t make any Christmas cakes, partly down to forgetting to bake any and also due to the fact that i never seemed to find any spare time to make them. So this year was a Cupcake Christmas, i also made cupcakes for my friend who was having a Cupcake Christmas this year too.

Stockings, snowmen and santa bellies

These cupcakes spell out the word Christmas.

All topped with tiny edible gold stars.

Little fondant/sugarpaste snowmen.

Christmas gifts.

Sparkly Snowflake cupcakes.


Christmas trees.

All boxed up.


Christmas cupcakes

17 Dec

Every year my children love to take cupcakes into school for all of their friends. These are this years cupcakes.

All of the cupcakes were topped with edible glitters and really gave off a lovely sparkle.

This year i also made some cupcakes just for all of the teachers and staff at my children’s school. These were put in the staff room for everyone to enjoy.

School Christmas fair cupcakes

8 Dec

I made these cupcakes for my children’s schools annual Christmas fair. I was a little bit gutted that i couldn’t attend as my youngest little boy has been ill this week and has been absent from school. Oh well there is always next year. Half of the cupcakes i decorated to look like Christmas trees and the other half were snowmen faces, some with blue hats and some with pink. I am feeling quite festive now.

All things Gingerbread part 1

29 Nov

One thing that i automatically think about at this time of year is Gingerbread. I love the taste of it and even more i love the aroma that wafts through the house as it is baking. Infact you could say that i love all things Gingerbread.

The other day as i was taking a peek at other WordPress blogs i found one that had a picture of this fantastic Gingerbread village.

This beautiful Gingerbread village was made by Veronikas mother and it looks like a huge amount of work went into it. For more images and information of this stunning village, take a look at Veronikas interesting blog Lalomino.

If you like to be creative and want to have a bit of fun, without the mess or even keep the kids occupied whilst you construct your own Gingerbread house.

Take a look at these fun, virtual Gingerbread decorating sites.

Home sweet home.


Or if you would rather decorate your own virtual Gingerbread man then you need look no further than this site.

Sprint Sweets.

After all, everyone loves a Gingerbread man and how could you not like these cute little guys.

Here are some of my favourite and very amazing Gingerbread creations. These definitely have the wow factor.

gingerbread 008Sheratonpk


The next one looks like somewhere i could see myself living, it looks so warm and inviting, oh so cosy.


Watch the construction of the Ginormous Gingerbread house at Walt Disney.

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