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Cartman South Park cake

16 Apr
Cartman South Park cake, originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

Here’s one for all of you South Park fans out there. What better cake could you ask for than a Cartman cake. I made this cake for my Brother’s Birthday as i wanted to make him something a little bit different. Cartman is all cake and the Cheesy Poofs and box were made out of sugarpaste/fondant icing.


Baby cupcake tower.

14 Apr
originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

This cupcake tower was made to go with the Toy box cake. The cupcakes consisted of 80 cupcakes in a mixture of large and mini sized cupcakes and decorated with baby faces, baby blocks, teddy bears, rattles, ducks and baby’s 1st Birthday buttons.

Toy Box cake.

10 Apr

I made this Toy Box cake for a gorgeous little boy who was celebrating a joint naming ceremony and first birthday.

Toy Box cake., originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

The Toy Box and the drum are both cake and everything else is either fondant/sugarpaste or modelling paste.

I love how the wood effect on the icing turned out, making the base look like floorboards on the cake board.

The baby shoes were also made out of icing and were great fun to make.

Here is a closer look at the icing baby blocks and the small drum cake.

This was a fantastic cake to make and i had great fun modelling all of the toys and baby items. Lots of work but also lots and lots of fun.

Roses and Cameo cake.

5 Apr
Roses and Cameo cake., originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

I made this cake for my Grandma’s 80th Birthday. It is a fruit cake, covered with marzipan and then fondant/sugarpaste icing.

The cameos and roses were made out of modelling paste.

The flowers on top of the cake were made out of flower paste.

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