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21st Birthday Fosters cake

9 Jul

This cake is one of my favourites and was another fun cake to make, testing but fun. Everything on this cake is edible and is either made out of cake or icing, apart from the ice on top of the cake. For the ice i used fox’s glacier mints. All the items on the cake are related to the things that the birthday boy likes.


Tinkerbell Cake

9 Jul

I made this Tinkerbell cake for a little girl’s 5th birthday. I enjoyed every minute of making this cake and the little girl loved it.

Country Fair Themed Cake

9 Jul

I love trying different designs with my cakes that i have never approached before, so as you can imagine i was more than happy when i was asked to do a cake with a Country Fair theme.

Everything on the cake was edible, the tables for the tea room were cake as were the cake competition table and the basket of winning flowers. Everything else, the vegetables, the cakes, the tea-pot and cups etc were all made out of icing. Although this was a testing cake, it was at the same time a great fun cake to make.

Pink Castle

9 Jul

This was the first time i had attempted to make a castle cake and i love how it turned out. The cake was finished off with lots and lots of edible glitter and really did sparkle, perfect for any princess.

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