The Monster Book of Monsters.

12 Feb

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun i had creating this cake.

It is based on  ‘ The Monster book of Monsters’ book, as seen in the film Harry Potter. Everything else is also cake including the cauldron, the bag of Bertie Botts beans, the book of spells and the 3 potion bottles.

Here is a closer look at the cauldron with a tentacle creeping out of it.

2 of the 3 potion bottles, Swamp Fog and Treat Mix

Spell book and the 3rd potion bottle, fur of werewolf.

A closer look at The Monster book of Monsters, oh my what big teeth you have!

One Response to “The Monster Book of Monsters.”

  1. The General (aka: Mommy) February 17, 2011 at 12:40 #

    Love it! You are amazing! I wish I could make cakes like this, but I have a feeling I’m way way to impatient. I couldn’t get an apple cake out of a pan properly the other day, so in a very small and not at all unhealthy fit of rage I threw it across the room, along with the plate I was trying to turn it out onto.

    Yeah. Not sure this kind of intricate cake making is for me… So, I look to just look instead!

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