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Pink & white Christening cake.

27 Jan

This is a christening cake that i made a while ago in pink and white.


The top pink tier of the cake was decorated to resemble a patchwork baby blanket design. The bottom tier had white icing baby items all around the bottom of the cake. Lastly no Christening cake is complete without a cute little icing baby laying right on the top.


Christening cake

21 Aug

This Christening cake is one of my latest creations, iced in pink and white for a baby girl. The baby on top of the cake is made out of icing and edible (not that i could ever bring myself to eat one of these little cuties). The top-tier represents a baby blanket and the bottom tier are all baby related items such as teddy bears, balls, ducks, rabbits, booties and bibs.

Baby cupcake tower.

14 Apr
originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

This cupcake tower was made to go with the Toy box cake. The cupcakes consisted of 80 cupcakes in a mixture of large and mini sized cupcakes and decorated with baby faces, baby blocks, teddy bears, rattles, ducks and baby’s 1st Birthday buttons.

Toy Box cake.

10 Apr

I made this Toy Box cake for a gorgeous little boy who was celebrating a joint naming ceremony and first birthday.

Toy Box cake., originally uploaded by Sweet-Sassy.

The Toy Box and the drum are both cake and everything else is either fondant/sugarpaste or modelling paste.

I love how the wood effect on the icing turned out, making the base look like floorboards on the cake board.

The baby shoes were also made out of icing and were great fun to make.

Here is a closer look at the icing baby blocks and the small drum cake.

This was a fantastic cake to make and i had great fun modelling all of the toys and baby items. Lots of work but also lots and lots of fun.

Christening cupcake tower.

11 Oct

This is my latest creation, a cupcake tower for a Christening. It was a lot of work but I was really happy with the end result.

Here is a closeup of the cake. It was decorated to look like a baby blanket and also had an icing baby and little boy figure on top, as it was a joint Christening for 2 brothers.

Here is a closeup of the cupcakes. They were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with a milk chocolate buttercream. My favourites are the baby faces, very time-consuming but definitely worth it, I love how they turned out.

Icing babies.

20 Jun
I had seen a few of these babies on the internet and just had to have a go at making one myself. It is made out of sugarpaste, making it totally edible (not that I could ever bring myself to eat one). Here the baby is pictured on my hand so you can see the size of it. The baby measures around 2″ long.

I just love making these babies they are so cute and you can imagine how delighted I was when I was asked to make a Christening cake with a baby on top. Here are two more babies that I made, one of which was for the Christening cake.

One thing I have learnt when making items out of icing is always make spares! Always expect the unexpected, always have a back up plan and always always always make spares. Oh and did i mention always make spares.

This is my latest cake it is a Christening cake but it could also be used for a baby shower or anything else baby related really.

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