Standing Spongebob Cake

28 Feb
Standing Spongebob Cake by Sweet-Sassy
Standing Spongebob Cake, a photo by Sweet-Sassy on Flickr.

This is the cake that has been keeping me busy for the last few days, talk about a challenge! Infact i think this has got to be one of the most challenging cakes i have done so far. This Spongebob cake was vanilla sponge cake, filled with jam and buttercream and covered in fondant icing. Spongebob measures 10″ wide x 5″ deep and stood at a huge height of 16.5″ from the top of his head, down to his feet. I did have fun making this cake but the stress was immense too. As most of you will already know, tall and thin cakes can be a nightmare stability wise and so unpredictable too. I didn’t even dare breathe too heavy near this cake because i was scared to death that he was going to fall ( which he didn’t of course). I won’t even get started on the car journey and trying to transport the cake but let me just tell you, my heart got very well acquainted with my mouth since that was where it was sitting for the whole journey! Anyway long story short, Spongebob made the journey in one piece and i am totally thrilled at how he turned out. It was a huge amount of work but the end results were all totally worth it and i couldn’t be happier.


One Response to “Standing Spongebob Cake”

  1. Kelly January 10, 2013 at 22:20 #

    Brilliant cake. How did u get it to stand up plz? x

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