Heart in a cupcake.

6 Feb

I had a little bit of spare time on my hands the other day and decided to whip up a batch of yummy cupcakes. These may look like any other ordinary cupcakes but wait……….

Cut these beauties in half to reveal a hidden heart inside of the cupcake. They definitely look like they were made with love.

Whilst browsing one of my favourite sites Bake it in a cake  a while ago i came across these little gems and i have been dying to give them a go ever since. These would be perfect to make for Valentines day, after all who wouldn’t want cupcakes?

Here’s how to make these lovely hidden heart cupcakes.

1) First of all you need to bake a cake to cut out your love hearts from. I made mine a lovely red/dark pink shade but really anything goes and you can make your cake any colour you like.

2) Next take a small heart cutter, this one measures approximately 1.5″

It is always a good idea to check that the hearts are not going to be too big for your cupcake cases. You can check this by placing the heart cutter inside one of the cupcake cases to get a rough idea of the size. Once you have checked the size, cut heart shapes out of the cake and set to one side on a piece of baking/greaseproof paper.

3) Line a cupcake/muffin tin with cupcake cases of your choice. I used red cases to match the colour of the hearts inside of the cupcakes but i also loved the boldness of the red cases against the softer colours of the love heart sweets, that in my opinion finished the cupcakes off perfectly.

4) Next spoon some cupcake mixture into the bottom of the cupcake cases and place one of the sponge hearts inside. Push the heart down gently until it touches the bottom. I made my cupcake mixture vanilla because i wanted to see the heart inside really stand out but once again you can use what ever flavour and colour of cupcakes you prefer.  Important please take notice of which way the hearts are sitting in the cupcake cases because if they are not facing forward, once the cupcakes are sliced open there would not be a heart shape.

5) Spoon some more cupcake mixture on top of the hearts. Don’t worry if it is not even as once they are baking the cupcakes will rise around the hearts.

6) Bake in the oven for the amount of time that your cupcake recipe requires.

7) Once baked and cooled your cupcakes are ready to be decorated in which ever style, theme or colour your would like. When the cupcakes are finished slice one in half with a sharp knife to reveal the hidden heart inside.

Like i said before with Valentines day just around the corner, these would be perfect to bake as a gift.

I personally never need an occasion or excuse to bake. For me it’s all about the excitement of trying out new ideas and nothing at all to do with the taste testing……..honest! You do believe me…don’t you?  Enjoy!


9 Responses to “Heart in a cupcake.”

  1. Emma @ Sweet Mabel February 6, 2012 at 18:47 #

    Those cakes look lovely, what a great idea!

  2. Bev (yes that one) February 6, 2012 at 19:54 #

    No I don’t believe you for a second Sarah 🙂

  3. mydearbakes February 7, 2012 at 10:48 #

    The valentine’s cupcake looked so lovely!~ 🙂

  4. sassy February 7, 2012 at 16:39 #

    Thankyou, i really enjoyed making them.

  5. OMcii September 29, 2012 at 16:17 #

    can i have an exemple of recipe for the heart please??

    • sassy October 23, 2012 at 09:31 #

      You can just use the same recipe as the cupcakes for the heart. I used just a simple vanilla cupcake recipe.

      • OMcii October 23, 2012 at 16:00 #

        Thank you , but i have a question , the heart cooking must be completed or not ?

      • Sweet Sassy October 23, 2012 at 16:23 #

        Yes that’s right. First you bake a sponge cake in the colour for you heart, on mine i used a red sponge. You then cut your heart shapes from this sponge once it has cooled. You then make your cupcake batter and put a spoonful inside your cupcake case, place the small heart inside and then top up the cupcake case with more cupcake mixture. Hope this helps.

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