60th Birthday cake.

15 Jan

Wow! It seems like such a long time since i last made a cake. I seem to have been cupcake crazy of late. This cake was for my husbands aunty for her 60th Birthday.

The cake was covered in fondant/sugarpaste icing, the rose details around the cake are also fondant/sugarpaste. The roses on top of the cake were a 50/50 mix of icing and flower/petal paste. I used a 50/50 mix as icing would have been too difficult to get any good detail with, when making the rose petals, i needed them to be delicate. If i was making the roses on wires i would have used flower/petal paste on its own but on this occasion i decided to make the roses without any wires. This makes everything on the cake edible.

Here is a closer look at some of the detail.

I love how the red roses on the corners of the cake and the green of the leaves breaks up the white a little. This ties in the roses on top, with the rest of the cake perfectly.

I was very pleased with how the roses turned out. They still need some improvement but i am happy with them all the same.


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