Halo themed Cupcakes

7 Dec

Hello six, do you like cupcakes??

Whether you are a Spartan or an Elite, like playing your way through campaign or shooting your way through multi-player online matchmaking. One thing is for sure, you are bound to like these Halo themed cupcakes. Halo is my one and only favourite game and when i am not baking and in the kitchen, you can be sure i will be fighting my way through the matchmaking games…..Living dead has to be my all time favourite. Although i also like to play Rumble pit, oddball, juggernaut, slayer, crazy king…love them all….bring it on!

I really enjoyed making these cupcakes, for obvious reasons. The cupcakes were Cherry and coconut with a vanilla buttercream and finished off with an edible Halo related topper. Here we have Spartans, Master Chief, Health packs (always come in handy), Happy Birthday halo logo, an Elite and our all time favourites, Grunts.

All boxed up and ready to go.

(speaking like a grunt)   A gift for you.

Keep up the good fight fellow Halo fans and i will see you in matchmaking.


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