Halloween Antics.

2 Nov

Well this year i got very excited for Halloween and was really looking forward to it. Even more so when on Friday i had a really nice surprise in the form of a very exciting email from Asda. The email was announcing me as the winner of the Halloween pumpkin carving competition. Yes that’s right i won, still can’t believe it, it was like Christmas come early. My winning entry was also my first attempt at pumpkin carving and was carved to look like Spongebob. Even more unbelievable was the super speedy delivery of my prize, i literally blinked and it was here. I was super impressed with my prize. It was a massive bag of Halloween related goodies, perfect for our Halloween get together we were having on the Sunday. I couldn’t believe how many items there were (i think there were around 25 items altogether) from decorations and candles to glasses and a jug.  Here is a picture of some of the items that were included in my prize bag.

and i just adore these little guys, didn’t have the heart to light them.

My other favourites were the skull jug and skull glasses.

All in all i can honestly say i was more than happy with my prize and the items i won were fantastic. Thanks Asda. The competition i won was hosted by Asda via twitter. Just incase you didn’t know Asda was on twitter you can follow them here.

Well our Halloween get together was brilliant. My husbands parents came to visit also, so it ended up been quite a good day. First i got the sweets ready for the trick or treaters.

and i didn’t even eat any of them (honest).

Next i prepared some buffet style food for everyone to eat and decorated the table.

The kids love Halloween and dressing up and so does the hubby.

We had a brains eating werewolf and a vampire

Jason Voorhees and Frankenstein.

and this guy, wouldn’t want to bump into him on a dark Halloween night……oohh!!

It doesn’t take a lot of guess-work as to what i made for dessert……yes you guessed it, cupcakes. Don’t know how you managed to guess right, on your first guess aswell.

I also made a special Birthday cupcake for my father in law as it had been his Birthday a few days before. The cupcake was made still with Halloween in mind and the fingers on top must have looked very realistic as when i gave it to him, he actually thought that i was passing him his cupcake with my own fingers in the buttercream eeewww. When i passed it to him he said “oh they are not your fingers”. Talk about laugh, in fact i will probably still be laughing about that next Halloween.

After the in-laws had left we took the kids trick or treating to a couple of the neighbours houses. I was shocked that we hardly had any this year, which is just typical as i was armed up to the eyeballs with sweets. I then spend the rest of the evening watching Halloween Simpsons with the kids and then had a bit of a boogie to some Halloween themed music. Once some very tired little monsters were in bed i spend the night watching a scary movie. The movie i watched was called Quarantine. I have seen it before but i like it and i still jumped just as much as the first time i watched it.

I hope everyone elses Halloween was as fun as ours.


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