Halloween food and drink ideas.

25 Oct

I have been doing some searching around the internet, trying to find some good ideas for Halloween food and drink. These are my favourite finds so far.

Bloody brain shooter

Cemetery slime punch

This one looks gross, perfect for gruesome kids.

Vampire blood tomato soup

For lots more recipes and great ideas visit Foodnetwork.co.uk

The following were all found at Our Best Bites Take a look at the site, there are lots of great ideas.

Bones and Blood

Monster Jaws

Slimy worms on a bun.

How about these fantasticĀ  Dark Chocolate graveyard pots perfect to finish any Halloween dinner.

I am really looking forward to Halloween, even more so now that i have a few good ideas for the food and drink. I hope this post proves to be useful to you. Have a great Halloween.

Remember to keep checking back as i will be updating this page as i come across any new recipes of interest.


3 Responses to “Halloween food and drink ideas.”

  1. elenasc October 25, 2010 at 20:15 #

    These are really good ideas!!!! Thanks

  2. CultureChoc2010 October 25, 2010 at 22:08 #

    Cool stuff!

  3. sassy October 26, 2010 at 07:12 #

    You are very welcome, some of these will certainly be on my Halloween table this year.

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