Severed head cake.

6 Sep

Well as we are heading into my favourite two seasons Autumn and Winter I can’t help but smile. As the nights are slowly drawing in and the weather is cooling off it makes me think about the best few months we still have to come, October, November and December (which also just happen to be my personal favourites). First we have October which hosts Halloween and I always really love baking cupcakes and cakes for Halloween, themed of course. The year before last I made a severed head on a platter cake that actually came to be totally by accident. I was going to make a pumpkin cake and decorate it so it looked like a scary carved pumpkin or one of the pukin pumpkins as seen on this  extreme pumpkin site. If you get chance take a peek, it is very cool in my opinion and well worth a look. Anyway I made my cake, filled and stacked it and then for some reason unbeknown to me and almost out of nowhere with no prior warning, my cake started to slide backwards! So I did the only rational thing I could think of at the time to save my cake, I grabbed a dowel and stuck it straight through the middle of my cake so it didn’t slide anymore. As I stood back looking at my poor cake looking all misshapen, ruined and with a plastic cake dowel sticking out of the top, I was feeling really gutted and wondering what the hell I was going to do now. Now and again I have the odd cake disaster where I just need a bit of quick thinking and a slight change to the original plan for the cake and once again it looks great. However on this occasion I really couldn’t see how I could ever make it good, so I did what I usually do in any crisis, swore until I very nearly did make the air turn blue and then I had a cup of tea. After 10 minutes or so I went back to my cake and took a long hard look at it. My poor brain was working over time, I just kept looking at the cake, thinking of a Halloween cake and wondering what I could do. Just when I was about to start again from scratch and bake another cake it suddenly came to me. If I added a few features here and there I could make my cake disaster into a severed head, perfect for Halloween. Everything was edible, the head was cake and the vegetables, eyeballs, fingers, ear and knife were made out of fondant/sugarpaste icing. Here is the finished cake.

Halloween dinner is served or should I say severed muahahahah. On the menu this Halloween is a severed head on a bed of cabbage. Served with mushrooms, tomatoes, pea pods and corn on the cob (with a knob of butter). Also included as a side order are severed fingers and ears for you to enjoy at your leisure. Enjoy your meal.

I am still thinking about what to do this year, so far a severed arm cake maybe been nibbled by a chocolate rat is a strong contender but we will see.


2 Responses to “Severed head cake.”

  1. AikoVenus September 12, 2011 at 01:26 #

    Such a cool (and extremely creepy) cake! Honestly, the main reason I would eat this cake isn’t because of it’s’s because I’m afraid it would try to get rid of me while I sleep. Heh. ^^


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    […] 8) A very scary cake […]

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