A walk around Langsett.

8 Aug

Today for the first time ever I went to Langsett and what a fantastically beautiful place to visit. I would definitely recommend Langsett to everyone. This is a place to visit that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is just a perfect retreat especially if you are looking for a few hours away with nothing but peace, tranquillity and only the odd passer-by.

Surrounded by woodland with only the sound of the birds singing their songs and maybe the odd woodpecker to keep you company.

There is a long stream that you can follow and various other water focal points to see.

There are quite a few bridges to cross. Here is an example of just one of the smaller bridges that we discovered.

Below is one of the larger main bridges. For the more adventurous there were some randomly placed stones for you to walk on to cross the stream. Given my clumsy nature though, I stuck to the bridges.

There were plenty of natures beauty to see on our walk around from wild flowers to wild mushrooms and even the odd sheep.

Once you have followed the trail up slightly to higher ground you can really appreciate some breathtaking views. I know we certainly did.

We also came across a couple of man-made sights aswell, as seen in the picture below. The picture to the right shows directions on a public footpath sign post.

The walk around Langsett is thoroughly enjoyable, there are a few steep and stoney parts so I would advise anyone who is going to make sure that you wear some sensible shoes or walking shoes if you have any. I wore a pair of trainers and these were fine for me. We took the gentler trail on this occasion but if you are looking for more of a challenge there was also a more difficult trail to take. The more difficult trail had much steeper hills to walk up of and then it crosses along some moorland. Maybe next time I will give that trail a go as there will definitely be a next time. A thoroughly enjoyable place to visit for all of the family and don’t forget your camera.

For more information on Langsett and other areas of interest please take a look at the Peak district website.


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