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15 Jun
Welcome to Sweet Sassy Cakes blog. Follow me on my journey, baking and decorating cakes. I have a real passion for cakes, cupcakes and all things sweet! I love every detail from the mixing of the ingredients to the baking and decorating  to the taste testing and eating them. The eating is the best part by far and all in the name of research, it just doesn’t get much better than this, no really it doesn’t. I have been making cakes as a hobby for my friends and family for around a year now and I just love it.
Here are some photos of some of the cakes I have made.
This is a snowdrop cake I made for my mother in law. The snowdrops are made out of icing.
I made this cake for my son. A New York baseball cap cake a 2 huge stacks of cash……what more could he want (apart from the cash to be real that is!)
Guitar Hero cake.
Star in the Hood sweatshirt top cake.
The following 2 pictures are of High School Musical cakes I have made, both for the same little girl. One was for her 7th Birthday and the second one was for her 8th Birthday.
This was a cake based on the game of Farm Town, complete with farm animal cupcakes.
I made this James Bond cake for my sons 7th birthday. It was kind of sprung on me as he wanted a different cake and then a few days before his birthday he decided he wanted a James Bond cake. After the panic had subsided I decided I needed to keep the design simple, child friendly and fun, this is what I came up with. Everything is edible,even the car. The image was printed on my edible ink printer and I then made it into an icing plaque. I put 2 eyes in the tunnel peeking out so my son could use his imagination and choose any James Bond villain that he wanted it to be. I made the James Bond figure out of a mix of fondant and gumpaste. To accompany the cake I made some cupcakes and once again used my edible ink printer to make some icing images to tie the cupcakes in with the James Bond theme. My son was thrilled.
Mr Men cake
This is one of the biggest cakes I have made to date. It was for the manageress of a golf club. Her husband asked if I could put a bar on top of the cake with the manageress standing behind it. This was also one of my first attempts at making icing figures.
The cake below was a retirement cake and also one of the first figures I made.
This is a cake I made on bonfire night last november. The girl is toasting marshmallows and the boy is eating them.
I made this cake for a 1st birthday.
This was a cake made to look like a bath tub for a young man turning 18 who has an obsession with collecting rubber ducks. The ducks on this cake however are made out of icing.
Thomas the Tank Engine cake with icing fat controller. This cake was for a little boy who is a massive Thomas fan.
This was a Wallace and Gromit, rocket to the moon cake I made.
This was one of the first cakes i made it was shaped to look like a handbag. Both the shoes and the makeup were made out of sugarpaste icing, making everything edible.
Another handbag cake with edible icing shoes and makeup. This one was for a girl who loves the colour pink.

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